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FAQ about the Fendor-Bendor 2

1. On which type of bicycle does the Fendor-Bendor 2 fit?
The fender is made to fit the majority of fixed gear road or track frames with a traditional rear triangle. This, however, means it won't fit with a monostay, see picture.

2. Does the Fendor-Bendor 2 work with a rear brake?
The Fendor-Bendor 2 works with the following rear-brakes:
- disc brake
- coaster brake
- many classic caliper brakes

The Fendor-Bendor 2 does not work with these rear brakes:
- Cantilever (CX) brakes, because of central cable

The Fendor-Bendor 2 needs adjustment with these rear brakes:
- Modern caliper brakes: Often a cut needs to be made in de fender to make some room for the brake. The material can be cut with a normal pair of scissors or a knife.
- Some classic caliper brakes: they sometimes need a small cut-out as well.
- V-brakes: can work, but not recommended.

3. On which frame sizes does the Fendor-Bendor 2 fit?
The fender fits a wide variety of frame sizes. 
If the frame is very small (smaller than seat tube size of 50 cm measured from center-top), the fender will not fit nicely, so we do not recommend. 
If the frame is larger than 63 cm measured from center to top, the fender could be too small. We do not recommend use with framesizes of 63 cm +.

For exact info on maximum frame geometry, see picture below: The max horizontal distance from center of seat tube to center of seat stay, measured from the brake bridge, is 14,5 cm. If it's larger, there's chance the fender does not fixate securely.

4. My Fendor-Bendor 2 keeps folding or is unstable when mounted. What to do?
The special 2D-3D folding design is made in such way that it gets its stiffness when it's pre-folded along the folding lines in the length direction.

So: unfold your fender, and before mounting, pre-fold the length-lines. When the fender is still quite new, it tends to return to its flat state faster. Pre-fold again whenever you think it's necessary.

5. Could the Fendor-Bendor 2 damage the paint of my frame?
We have seen in some rare cases the fender can leave some marks on the paint. Since end of May 2012, we are delivering special transparent stickers with the fenders, which you can use to protect your frame. If you ordered your fender before that date, and you still would like to receive a sticker, please send an e-mail to info@witindustries.nl, and we will send you one.

Are you missing any questions or answers? Please let us know via info@witindustries.nl. Thank you very much!

WIT Industries

is founded by bicycle designer Olaf Wit. He is promoting his latest design, a foldable rear fender (mudguard) for road bikes, fixed gear bikes, mountain bikes, etc: the Fendor-Bendor. This is a rear fender for people who don't want a fender on their bike, but sometimes dearly need one. Folded up, it can be stored in your bag or cycling jersey. Once it rains, it's there.