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Olaf Wit of WIT Industries has developed an improved lightweight foldable fender for road bikes, fixed gear, cyclo cross and mountainbikes: the Fendor-Bendor 3.
This fender folds up flat for easy transport and if it rains, can be unfolded and slid through the bikes seat stays and wrapped around the seat tube providing the cyclist with a fender in a matter of seconds. When the rain stops it can easily be refolded and put in a bike jersey’s back pocket or bag, waiting for more rain.

“For all cyclists who don’t want a permanent fender on their bicycle, but sometimes could really use one this is an ideal solution.” says industrial design engineer Olaf Wit.

Wit has come up with the very first version of the folding fender in January 2011, and his since seen a whole new category come up of foldable mudguards made of the same material, with about 4 direct competitors who offer similar products. “We were the first, and the competition is exciting. We believe that with the new version, we offer the best solution on the market.” says Wit, as he continues to describe the advantages of the latest fender:

- It’s more universal: it fits almost all rear brakes, and many more frame types than version 2.0 due to a new velcro closure (for example: it will even fit very well on aero tubes now).

- It folds into an even more compact size (9,5 x 21 cm) - so it fits into a cycling jersey’s back pocket.

- It’s stiffer because of the use of a slightly thicker plastic.

- Installation and removal are very easy and fast - a matter of seconds

The principle of the construction has remained equal to version 2: The polypropylene fender gets its shape and stiffness by pre-folding along the dye-cut pattern running along the length of the fender.

The Fendor-Bendor 3 is, just as its predecessors, designed and produced in The Netherlands. The plastic used is 100% recycled and recyclable.

“Keep your bike light and naked, without any ugly add-ons - and don’t worry about rain, the Fendor-Bendor 3 is there when you need it.” says Wit. Get your Fendor-Bendor 3 via www.witindustries.nl or one of the resellers.


WIT Industries is a brand for smart bicycle products from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, founded by bicycle designer Olaf Wit. Olaf Wit is also known for developing bicycles with Koga, like the Spyker Aeroblade, the Kimera (Olympic track frame). He has also designed the Bikesuit, the ultimate one piece rain suit for cyclists and is one of the initiator of solar powered incubator Xpositron Solar (more info on Olaf’s work: www.witid.nl),

Press pictures can be downloaded from here: http://bit.ly/fendorbendor3

Contact info:

Olaf Wit / WIT Industries
+31 (0)6 144 32 645

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Simple and universal velcro closure.

Optional: Make room for rear brake by using the cutting helps: 

1. Measure where to cut, by mounting the fender normally and seeing where the brake arm hits the fender. That's where you could make a cut. Identify which cut-out is closest to the brake arm.

2. Cut out using a normal pair of scissors. Do it carefully. Cut on both sides, althoug your brake arm is only on one side. If you don't cut on both sides, your fender won't be straight when mounted.



WIT Industries

is founded by bicycle designer Olaf Wit. He is promoting his latest design, a foldable rear fender (mudguard) for road bikes, fixed gear bikes, mountain bikes, etc: the Fendor-Bendor. This is a rear fender for people who don't want a fender on their bike, but sometimes dearly need one. Folded up, it can be stored in your bag or cycling jersey. Once it rains, it's there.