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FB 3 / Dutch Winter by Saskia Haex

Dutch winters... they're wet. But we keep on cycling and that's one of the main reasons the Fendor-Bendor exists. Saskia Haex is an avid cyclist (mostly FGFS) from Rotterdam and a graphic designer and illustrator. She made this tribute to the Dutch landscape in winter time. Much hated for the cold and rain, much loved for its beauty. The fendor is in white / magenta, so there's always a bit of sunshine on your bike.

More about Saskia Haex: www.buro-atelier.com

General Fendor-Bendor 3 info:

The Fendor-Bendor is the rear fender (mudguard) for people who do not like fenders. That's why it's foldable and easy to take in your bag or cycling jersey. When it starts raining you have a proper fender that installs within seconds and looks good (according to us).

> The original foldable rear fender, that is only there when you need it
> Quick to install
> Super lightweight (~60 gms)
> Fits more bikes and frames
> Folds smaller
> Is stronger
Read the manual and see how simple it is to install!
Doesn't work with monostay frames:
Fitting guarantee
If your Fendor-Bendor 3 doesn't fit as expected, send a picture to info[at]witindustries[dot]nl for help from first hand. If your bike or frame is for some reason not compatible with the fender, we will refund the fender and the return shipping costs. (Obviously this doesn't go for fenders that have been obviously used a lot.)
Shipping with untracked Dutch National Mail:
1 or 2 pieces Worldwide for € 3,00 
Netherlands: € 2,00
3 or 4 pieces worldwide for € 6,00
Netherlands: € 4,00
We ship twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday.




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WIT Industries

is founded by bicycle designer Olaf Wit. He is promoting his latest design, a foldable rear fender (mudguard) for road bikes, fixed gear bikes, mountain bikes, etc: the Fendor-Bendor. This is a rear fender for people who don't want a fender on their bike, but sometimes dearly need one. Folded up, it can be stored in your bag or cycling jersey. Once it rains, it's there.